Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Halloween Part 1

Sometimes I feel like the worst mother ever. Like when I offer to make my kids Halloween costumes and then don't even get them made in time for Halloween. This has happened more than one year--ugh! The one costume that got done in time for the ward trunk-or-treat was the gypsy. The red wig threw everyone for a loop. The other three costumes may look familiar as they have been worn anywhere from one to five Halloweens before. I offered to do facepainting during the party and my first customer was this cute little cowboy. I think that little mustache totally made the oh, so last minute costume. Stay tuned for Halloween Part 2, where I just might have completed one more costume! Luckily the Halloween events around here take place over a few weeks, so if the costumes don't get done for one event, there's always the next one.

Pretty 'n Purple

Wow. I haven't posted in a long time! We are still here--still having fun, just too busy to post! Not too long ago we discovered a newly redesigned favorite park near the Boston Ballet. My kids love the playground, but what I love is the gorgeous garden design. See the weeping willow in the background? And the purple flowers (anyone know what they are?) and the wrought iron fence? Perfect. I just sit and daydream that I am in some wonderful European city surrounded by a romantic garden park. I've even fooled myself a few times. Oh, and doesn't this cutie look pretty framed in purple and green? One of the few times lately she hasn't shied away from the camera.