Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Run 'n Play

So I think I've been doing more run 'n playing in the sand than stitchin' these days.  All is well.  Just storing up lots and lots of ideas for the fall when I will have a little more time on my hands. Got to enjoy these kiddos while I can.  Don't you love how they just naturally formed a triangle in which to play with the sand?  I love the looks of concentration on their faces!  Something about sand is totally mesmerizing & relaxing.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hooray for Zinnias

I've said it before, and I'll say it again--I am a very faithless gardener.  I really have this gut feeling that nothing I plant will really grow at all, let alone thrive.  Planning a garden in February (as Martha and my uber-organized husband recommend) almost sends me into a panic because I just know that nothing will grow in this rocky New England soil.  Thankfully this year I have been proven wrong.  You know what grows lush and colorful and in abundance in my yard--my yard of all places?!!  ZINNIAS.  Who knew?  A neighbor gave us the seeds last year and in February, with spread sheet and map of the garden in hand, The Mr. offered to plant them in the little starter planters.  Just to see what would happen.  Well talk about exceeding expectations.  These babies out grew every other type of seedling we started and was just begging to be planted.  Finally in May I planted them closer together than the seed packet recommended and look what happened!  Apparently zinnias are self sowers, so even though I only planted a few plants, they have spread and filled out like crazy.  I think next year's garden will be all zinnias.  Doesn't that sound wonderful and colorful?  Maybe there is room for faith afterall.  Oh, and how 'bout these cute little gardeners who just happened to be wearing the same colors as our zinnias!

Bob the Builder

Every morning when the Little Mr. wakes up I have to ask him, "Who are you today?"  The answers range anywhere from Batman or prince charming to a fireman, but usually it's simply, "I'm Bob the Builder." Of course there is a prescribed uniform connected to each persona that must be strictly followed.  Only one pair of jeans qualifies as Bob's jeans--and mismatched boots and a hard hat are a must.  Heaven forbid the jeans are in the wash or the boots are hiding under the couch when the "Bob mood" strikes!  Naturally when birthday time came around, the Little Mr. hoped his party could be a real Bob party where they could build stuff and paint stuff and bang stuff.  So with a little imagination and a lot of help from The Mr., we pulled it off!  Let's see activities included digging in our yard with real shovels and toy dumptrucks, etc.  Painting our shed with real paint (I have to say this was the hardest part for me to watch!  I panic about kids and paint!).  Helping cut a chunk of wood.  Nailing into boards.  Running around the yard.  Eating chips and hotdogs and strawberries (Bob's favorite foods).  Oh, and the cake.  The backhoe cake was so easy, but turned out quite cool.  I think Little Mr. and all his buddies had a great time!  

Friday, August 1, 2008

Red, White & Blue

So earlier this year (January to be exact), my twins announced the theme for their birthday (in early July): a Red, White & Blue birthday.  We then spent the next six months gradually collecting plates, cups, flags, activities, etc. that matched those colors.  As we got to the park to set up for the party, we noticed a few raindrops and then by party time it was a full-blown thunder and rain storm.  It was a doozy (luckily the party was set up under a pavillion!). The girls were thrilled to see those friends (all proudly wearing r, w & b) who braved the storm and made it to the party!   Party foods included: Blueberries, strawberries, red doritos, red licorice, red juice boxes and white cupcakes with little flags on top.  Activities included patriotic hat making, face painting, playing on the playground and a water balloon toss.  Oh, and I can't forget the Virginia Reel led by my talented friend Sherie!  We had a great time in spite of the rain!

Welcome to Summer!

Though very late in posting, just thought I'd show what we did on the last day of school.  I saw this cute idea in Family Fun magazine and just had to try it.  I painted the words, "Welcome to Summer," "You Did It!" and "Way to Go" on white rolls of paper.  I then hung them in front of the stairs and door and let the kids break through them as though they were finishing the Boston Marathon.  They were so surprised by the signs and loooooved running through them--we actually had to hang some of them up twice for another "run through" round. We may have a new tradition around here!