Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Christmas Photos that Never Got Sent

Despite my best intentions and last-minute efforts, I just haven't figured out how to manage both creating a fun Christmas for my kids and sending all the holiday wishes I would like.  We either seem to get the letter written, but no photo, or, in this year's case, a photo, but no letter.  So, just so I don't feel too guilty, here it is.  Here for your viewing pleasure is our Christmas 2008 Dillon Family photo.  Don't we clean up nicely?!!  Many thanks to Carrie Brady for her patience in corralling all of us!  Scary that my oldest is almost as tall as me!  Oh, and look at those two "hunks!"  The Little Mr. loves wearing a tie just like his Daddy.  Strangely enough, my favorite photo of all is the one of just me with my twins.  It was not planned, but just kind of happened at the end of the shoot--so glad Carrie captured that moment!