Monday, December 21, 2009

Hoping all your Christmas wishes come true and that you have a very Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Dinner

Look who was trotting through our neighborhood today? Just as the Mr. and kids were shoveling out from our lovely snowstorm last night, who came trotting along through the neighborhood, but Mrs. Turkey?!! We heard rumors that wild turkeys live in our neighborhood, but it wasn't until today that we spotted one for ourselves. A wild turkey chase ensued as we tried to "shoot" a photo. Luckily for Mrs. Turkey, we'll be having ham for Christmas dinner!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Halloween Part 3: Tinkerbell's Debut

True to character, little Tinkerbell appeared on the scene with a bit of a pout on her face. Snow White tried to cheer her up and Superman attempted to save the day--to no avail. Luckily storytelling, a magic show and popcorn and cookies were on the horizon to turn that frown around. The light green skirt is from a failed attempt at a bridesmaid skirt for my brother's wedding. The dark green fabric is from the Boston Ballet's awesome costume shop stash sale a few years ago. Oh, and too bad you can only see a peek of the wings--they are my favorite part of the costume. I'll have to take a close up of them sometime. Sparkly pipe cleaners were used to give the wings flight!

Halloween Part 2: It's a Bird, it's a plane . . .

It's Superman! He can climb lightposts with a single bound! The Little Mr. was thrilled beyond belief when we ran across these "muscles" in the giveaway pile at our local Family Network. Let's just say the superpowers were definitely included! He wore the costume to accompany his sisters to ballet in the city and got several shouts from passersby (some even across the street!), "Hey, look! There's Superman!" Lucky for him, it was even a windy day (helpful with our special effects), complete with fallen branches to heroically move from the sidewalk.